Moderators and Lecturers
Dr. Fabian Sunil Dass
M.D, Masters in Psychological Medicine (MPM)
Head of Outpatient Department, Hospital Permai, Johor Malaysia
Other Appointments & Titles
Head of Hospital Permai Electroconvulsive Therapy Unit and its rejuvenation in Hospital Permai following MSQH(5th) accreditation format and standards.
Head of the Highly Dependent Psychogeriatric Wards Hospital Permai - Committee member and in charge of other Psychiatrist in Hospital Permai “Kospen Unit” (for general health and well-being of all KKM staff)
Adjuvant lecturer with Monash University Johor Bahru
Voluntary Experience
Fund raising for Madam Lee's Animal Shelter, Seremban 2020- current
Malaysian Mental Health Association, Petaling Jaya, 2018