Dear Doctors and Healthcare Professionals,
The 4th Asia Pacific Psychiatry Symposium is going to be held on June 25th 2022 (2:00 pm- 5:30 pm, UTC +8). The 3.5 hours symposium will feature top opinion leaders as the moderator and lecturers.
To continue the momentum of providing top-class academic content, our lecturers will be focusing on the management and treatment recommendations for Bipolar Disorder, Major Depressive Disorder, and Schizophrenia.
Topics in the first session will include Disease course of Prodrome focusing on conversion, remission & biological marker; Suicidality and Suicide prevention in mood disorder patients; Efficacy and safety of rapid dose administration of Quetiapine in Bipolar Depression, and Patient paying the price: Case experience of switching medicine with different drug release profiles.
The second session will be highlighting Timely use of SGA in recurrent MDD; Quetiapine and treatment of depression; Quetiapine extended release as an add-on therapy for more control in patients with Major Depressive Disorder; and Starting treatment on a newly diagnosed psychiatric patient: Physicians' considerations beyond the direct cost of the treatment.
Every session will feature a discussion to discuss the medical insights from experts and participants in the regions. We look forward to your participation in this annual symposium.
Best regards,
LUYE Pharma Group